About kieleantra

I am a passionate graphic designer located in Murray, KY. My aesthetic prefers a clean, simple layout with an elegant feel. I love the challenge of taking ideas and through brainstorming generate solutions that use both typographical elements and illustrations or photographic images, integrating them together to create visually pleasing works of graphic design. I can usually be seen walking around with a cup of coffee in my hand . Sometimes the coffee is substituted or paired with a camera or good book. It is always convenient to be prepared. Here are a few of my passions: Animals, coffee, good food, cooking, reading, baking, designing, traveling, learning new things, making new friends, hanging out, video games, & music

First Post!

With social networking becoming huge and big, where everyone can stay connected, I’d better hop on the bandwagon! Being a graphic designer networking is important, so here I am! Starting a WordPress blog! (Secretly, I’ve always wanted to start a cooking blog. Is there a way to mix cooking with graphic design? I’m going to find out!) So hold on tight and ride along with me on the journey into the unknown series of tubes that make up the internet.

Pssst! If you want to see my design stuff, you can check it out here!